Case Study NABA Feinkost: A tool for effective task management

The company has been developing organic products since 1991. As a family business, they act out of conviction and with passion. A varied, simple and sustainable diet is important to them: for the benefit of consumers and to protect the planet. In order to offer their employees a modern and innovative environment, digitalization, communication and transparent project management are essential for productive cooperation. We were able to support the company in introducing Asana as a central tool for task management in the organization and making processes more time-saving and efficient.


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  • Introduction of Asana as a central tool for task management
  • Optimization of communication processes
  • Development of individual workflows
  • Rollout across the entire organization


  • Improvement of internal communication
  • Optimization of project-related coordination
  • Centralization of project information
  • Standardized tool stack in project management


  • 7 months


  • Teams work together more efficiently
  • Time savings in coordination processes
  • Project status can be viewed transparently
  • Professional introduction and training of employees

The challenge

As a family-run company, NABA develops new organic products and regularly expands its product range. With more than 150 employees in different organizational units, efficient tools must help to maintain an overview of various projects. In the past, the company primarily used Microsoft Outlook to map status updates and internal communication, which led to information silos. This meant that the organization needed a lot of time to bring together all the necessary data, facts and updates and create a transparent picture of the situation. Many employees had to be assigned to new processes and trained in Asana in order to increase acceptance and ensure sustainable use of the system.

One tool for all information

All project-relevant information should be collected and presented transparently in a system that is accessible to all employees. This was intended to make internal communication processes more efficient and introduce individual workflows. The main goal of the project was to significantly reduce the time needed to search for information throughout the organization.

“We particularly like the accessibility and in-depth knowledge of the Bridgeflow consultants.”

Dr. Philipp Theden, CEO NABA Feinkost GmbH


The solution

Extensive analysis of internal communication processes

Before Asana was rolled out as a central project management tool, we documented the internal communication processes, meeting culture, tools used and responsibilities. This enabled us to quickly identify interruptions and bottlenecks in the workflows and develop specific solutions. Analyses, interviews with stakeholders and recordings helped us to develop an efficient setup that was tailored to the company’s needs.

Initial effects quickly became apparent

The company’s motivated team quickly took on board suggestions and optimizations, helping to ensure a successful rollout of Asana as a central communication tool. The software was individually adapted to the new processes by creating templates for meeting agendas, project plans or process updates and quickly implemented in practice. This enabled the first positive effects to be realized quickly by significantly reducing preparation times.

  • Process flows were significantly improved, which led to increased efficiency.
  • Particularly noteworthy is the clearer distribution of responsibilities and increased transparency among project members, which significantly improved collaboration.
  • The simplification of task prioritization enabled the team to focus more specifically on the most important tasks.
  • In addition, the integration of various task sources in Asana allowed more time for the actual projects, as the administration and organization was made much more efficient.

Accessibility and depth of detail

The employees of NABA Feinkost GmbH were particularly impressed by the depth of detail and expertise of our employees. Thanks to our permanent availability throughout the entire process, we were always available to assist the employees and were able to quickly address questions and suggestions and incorporate them into the training.

The result

Transparent processes and effective communication

After Asana was introduced as the central tool for project management, the employees received intensive training and those involved were able to gain experience with the new workflows during the first few weeks, the first positive changes were already apparent. Meetings could be organized and held more effectively. The number of meetings for status updates was significantly reduced. Information can now be stored centrally and is accessible to all participants. Information no longer has to be transferred to PowerPoint presentatio

Sustainable use and high acceptance

Even during the rollout phase, the employees at NABA Feinkost GmbH were positive about the changes. Acceptance of the new workflows and processes is still very high today. Processes have already been further developed and help to work more effectively, reduce the time needed to organize meetings and updates in the long term and increase employee satisfaction. Asana is still the central tool for internal project coordination and impresses with its flexibility to adapt to individual processes and its user-friendliness, so that even beginners can work professionally and quickly find or store all the necessary information.


“We have already recommended Bridgeflow to other companies because we are very satisfied with the professionalism and appreciate the flexibility of the consultants.”

Dr. Philipp Theden, CEO of NABA Feinkost GmbH

NABA Feinkost GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of healthy, resource-friendly vegan and vegetarian foods. They do not use genetic engineering, use products from their own regional cultivation and use 100% green electricity. The product range includes over 300 different products that are sold internationally. Founded in 1991, the family business employs over 150 people in Germany.



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