Asana – the easiest way to manage team projects

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For you to achieve maximum success with Asana you can rely on our years of professional expertise in Asana. We support your team in quickly adapting the new way of work with Asana.

As the leading European partner, we serve customers in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

We have experience in helping a variety of companies of different industries and sizes to make this transition as easy as possible and to quickly achieve meaningful results. We are Asana Partner – Let us get the most out of Asana together with your team.

Our 5-step Asana Consulting Process

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Step 1:

Clarifying the question of Why

From years of experience, we know that the first and most important question should always be: Why do we need yet another tool? Everything is working fine, isn’t it?

What are the problem you want to solve with Asana and why do you want to introduce a new tool in the first place?

Based on the pain points, we develop an answer to the question of why for each team.

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Step 2:


In this following step we look at your status quo.

  1. How is your company organized?
  2. What processes and procedures are in place?
  3. What are pain points within these processes?
  4. How are the different teams collaborating?
  5. How does this collaboration work at the moment and what are the challenges?
  6. What tools do you currently use?

Based on this analysis we build up your Asana structure. We make sure that the teams can seamlessly continue working on their processes and projects.

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Step 3:

Setup of first workflows and integration of existing infrastructure

Subsequently, we set up the first processes and projects for each team.

We have developed corresponding best cases and templates for each team, which we adapt and implement according to your company and industry. This not only simplifies the use of Asana, but also optimises existing processes.

In addition, we integrate Asana with your existing infrastructure. This includes integrations such as Office 365 and G-Suite.

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Step 4:

Onboarding and Trainings

After that, we train your teams for the usage of Asana.

We have developed specific trainings for different requirements.

In all our trainings, we enable teams to extend their knowledge of Asana and to use it more effectively in their day-to-day business.

Learn more about our trainings:

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Step 5:

Measure your success, enhance usage, re-adjust

After our workshops and trainings, your teams can immediately start working with the project management tool Asana. We accompany you for a certain amount of time and help you to continuously improve and adapt your Asana.

For that cause, we create a project for questions in Asana in which your team can stay in touch with our consultants to clarify any questions.

Additionally, we create a so called “Conventions Project” including all the rules and knowledge about the use of Asana in your company – on the basis of our Best Cases.

After a defined period of time, we measure the success of the Asana implementation and support you with further steps.

We are happy to advise you

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We realize individual, open and flexibly adaptable solutions in an impressive velocity.

Asana itself offers many possibilities but few pre-made solutions, especially not for your unique needs.

We are happy to advise you with our established 5 step-process, which we use to:

  • Increase acceptance and adaptation
  • Enable an immediate start
  • Avoid costly mistakes due to incorrect setup

Asana – the easiest way to manage team projects

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Dr. Sakine Yildiz – Senior Workplace Consultant