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Bernd Kopin

Founder and CEO BridgeFlow

In recent years, Bernd has founded or helped to build up several companies. In addition to entrepreneurship, his passion lies in personal productivity.

He has tested pretty much all approaches, systems and tools currently available on the market and developed his own technique which he implemented for numerous colleagues and companies. It is precisely this experience and best practices that he passes on to our clients with his consulting company BridgeFlow.


Dr. Sakine Yildiz

Senior Workplace Consultant

Sakine is a teacher and holds a PhD in history. While working in schools, she tried out various tools for the efficient organisation of academic work and the successful planning of projects and events.

As a Workplace Consultant, she inspires clients to think and act in new ways in the area of process optimisation and productive teamwork. She brings together modern working methods and technologies adapted to the client’s needs.

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Dr. Sakine Yildiz – Senior Workplace Consultant