Case Study Rieter:How the Introduction of Asana Succeeded with BridgeFlow

Over the past two years, the Rieter Group, a globally leading provider of systems for short-staple fiber spinning, introduced the work management tool Asana. BridgeFlow supported the company as an Asana partner, assisting in the analysis, implementation, and optimization of processes.

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Onboarding of approximately 500 employees from various Rieter locations in Switzerland, Germany, India, China, and the Czech Republic through tailored workshops and webinars.


2020 and 2021


  • Creation of best-practice processes such as meetings, requests, and resource planning
  • Existing processes and projects were optimized through regular “health checks”
  • Average rating of workshop participants: 8.5/10 points
  • More than 250 employees trained since 2020
  • Professional training sessions and handouts ensure sustainable usage
  • Shared understanding of Asana functionalities

Collaboration with BridgeFlow

Rieter is characterized by very good structures and clear planning. However, the tools used until 2019 eventually reached their limits, prompting Rieter to choose Asana as a work management tool to create a central place for collaboration. BridgeFlow experts were commissioned for the successful implementation. Through joint analysis and regular calls, the ideal Asana setup for Rieter was established, and employees were professionally trained.

rieter HQ

Common structures ensure homogeneity

Each department and location had different processes and routines. This posed the risk of building “different Asanas” and complicating the desired homogeneity. Additionally, it was essential from the outset to ensure that a uniform understanding of Asana was established, so that the features were used in the same way.

Based on these objectives, BridgeFlow established an ideal Asana setup for Rieter through numerous discussions, health checks, and analyses. This created a foundational structure that is adhered to globally by all users. This ensured that information is not scattered across multiple teams and channels, mitigating the risk of it being lost.

Some examples of success include:

  •  Uniform meeting processes for teams
  •  1:1 meeting template
  •  Portfolio structures for management reporting
  •  A list of dos and don’ts as a set of guidelines for shared usage
  •  A common “All User” team to centrally share information (rules, updates, etc.)

Trainings ensure a shared understanding.

The setup was just the first step. Essential for the successful adoption of a new tool is its usage by employees. To address this, BridgeFlow designed and conducted a tailored training concept for Rieter in the form of online webinars.


The training sessions were conducted in German and English for the locations in Switzerland, Germany, India, China, and the Czech Republic. During these sessions, the setup and key Asana features were clearly explained and practiced to meet the individual needs at Rieter.


“Asana, with its modern user interface, is indeed very appealing and intuitively usable, but it cannot replace a professional onboarding process.”


– Lorenz D. Braun, Process Manager Preparation/Endspinning


The BridgeFlow experts accompany during the growth phase.

Furthermore, BridgeFlow experts are available as direct points of contact for Rieter via a shared project. All Asana users at Rieter can submit support requests in the “Ask BridgeFlow Project,” which are answered within 24 hours.

This ensures that ad-hoc questions can be quickly addressed. At the same time, users also learn to communicate with external parties – the BridgeFlow experts are guests in Rieter’s Asana tool – easily and directly through Asana tasks, making emails unnecessary.

Excellent collaboration

The stakeholders involved in the introduction process came from the areas of Marketing & Launch, Development, Life-Cycle Management, Operational Procurement, and Approval. The collaboration with all BridgeFlow employees was perceived as very good.



“The ‘best-case’ processes from BridgeFlow are a significant part of our success with Asana. We were able to reduce the pre- and post-processing effort per meeting by one hour while simultaneously achieving more clarity and transparency.”

– Lorenz D. Braun, Process Manager Preparation/Endspinning


Rieter is the world’s leading provider of systems for short-staple fiber spinning. Headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland, the company develops and manufactures machinery, systems, and components for processing natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and their blends into yarns. The company has 15 production sites in ten countries and employs approximately 4,420 people worldwide.



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